25th SEAZA Conference 2017 @ City of Manila, Philippines

The 25th SEAZA CONFERENCE was hosted by PHILZOOS and held on 12-17 November 2017 in the City of Manila, Philippines.

The Conference theme was: "CELEBRATING LIFE!... Southeast Asian Zoos & Aquariums Bringing Nature Closer to People and People Closer to Nature". The Conference highlighted the rich biodiversity of the region and the importance of zoological institutions in saving these natural treasures.

For conference proceedings, abstracts, and more photos, please visit the conference page on the SEAZA website or the Facebook page.

SEAZA Executive Board

Working Meeting

30 March 2017

Astoria Plaza, Pasig City, Philippines


SEAZA Executive Board Meeting 2017

The SEAZA Executive Board held its working meeting in the Philippines on 30 March 2017.  PHILZOOS hosted the meeting which was held at the ASTORIA PLAZA in Pasig City.

The board meeting was attended by SEAZA President - Dr. Phan Viet Lam (Vietnam), SEAZA 2nd Vice President - Dr. Jason Chin (Taiwan), PHILZOOS President - Mr. Jake Gaw (Philippines), Dr. Kevin Lazarus (Malaysia), Mr. Kumar Pillai (WRS-Singapore), and Dr. Wisid Wichasilpa (ZPO-Thailand).