Organization Strategies

PHILZOOS Members are committed to adhering to acceptable animal welfare standards and ethical animal management and special use practices; implementing feasible ex situ animal management practices with significant impact on the viability and sustainability of populations and preservation of species; and promoting wildlife and nature appreciation and understanding to the public and to significantly contribute to efforts to preserve and protect biodiversity and wildlife habitats with special focus on the Philippines and its indigenous species.

AVILON Ramphiculus marchei 2

Animal Welfare and Ethics Strategy

  1. Implement ex situ animal management practices that should provide each animal in collection the best possible living conditions;
  2. Implement ethical methods of animal exhibitions and special use;
  3. Implement zoo & aquarium management programs that would encourage zoological institution personnel to understand and apply animal welfare and ethics principles in their respective duties and endeavors; and
  4. Ensure that its members adhere to existing Philippine laws and regulations pertaining to animal welfare and to standards as shall be imposed by the Association.
Siberian Tiger

Ex Situ Species Management Strategy

  1. Develop and implement sustainable ex situ animal breeding and population management programs designed as practical and applicable to Philippine settings; and

  2. Develop and implement practicable animal information and data management programs.


Conservation and Education Strategy

  1. Actively and effectively promote appreciation and understanding of wildlife and natural history to the public, with special focus on the Philippines and its indigenous species, through the development and implementation of education programs designed for this purpose;
  2. Actively and effectively convey environmental issues and promote conservation awareness and action to the public, with special focus on the Philippines and its THREATENED species and habitats, through the development and implementation of initiatives and advocacy programs designed for this purpose; and
  3. Develop and implement effective and sustainable conservation breeding programs and relevant scientific research projects on ex situ populations of wildlife, with special focus on Philippine indigenous species.