About the Association

Since 2010

PHILZOOS as a Dynamic Organization

Since its founding in 2010, PHILZOOS has made its mark in the international zoo community with several of its members giving scientific and popular presentations in the fields of conservation action, wildlife research, veterinary science and education. These presentations were well-received and show the resolve of PHILZOOS to promote zoological institutions as primary centers of integrated conservation, education, recreation and scientific research. PHILZOOS has also begun implementing its Organization Strategies through the conduct of Ex Situ Animal Management and Animal Welfare & Ethics Seminar-Workshops, initially for Association Members only.


PHILZOOS has representations in key SEAZA working committees (Animal Welfare & Ethics, Species Management, and Conservation). The PHILZOOS President sits in the SEAZA Executive Board as voting member for the Philippines.

PHILZOOS Ideals for Philippine Zoos and Aquariums

  1. Aim to be primary and important centers for integrated conservation, education, recreation and scientific research
  2. Operate in adherence and accordance with acceptable and agreed to standards
  3. Keep and exhibit animals in accordance with established welfare standards
  4. Implement conservation breeding programs and engage in cooperative scientific exchanges to ensure the survival of threatened species
  5. Effectively promote wildlife appreciation and conservation awareness and action
  6. Educate the public on the values of preserving biodiversity and natural habitats
  7. Commit to teamwork and cooperation and share expertise and experiences with fellow members, as well as with other regional and national zoo associations