AVILON A b whitei

Animal Welfare & Ethics

Application of ANIMAL WELFARE & ETHICS principles which would fit Philippine settings and provision of biological, ecological and veterinary requirements for each species in collection should be primary considerations in developing feasible management frameworks for Philippine zoological institutions.

AVILON H pustulatus

Ex Situ Species Management

SPECIES MANAGEMENT for Philippine zoological institutions would be the organized and sustainable practice of managing and keeping animal collection populations in ex situ conditions.

AVILON G luzonica

Conservation & Education

The primary motivation for Philippine zoological institutions to contribute to wildlife species and habitat preservation and protection efforts should be the opportunity to act as primary and important centers for biodiversity conservation action and education.


PHILZOOS: Setting the standards for Philippine zoological institutions

The PHILIPPINE ZOOS & AQUARIUMS ASSOCIATION (PHILZOOS) is a non-profit association of zoological institutions, individuals, and organizations whose primary aims are to uphold acceptable standards for zoos and aquariums in the Philippines and to promote biodiversity conservation awareness and action through integrated conservation programs.

PHILZOOS was founded in August 2010 and is an Association Member of the SOUTHEAST ASIAN ZOOS & AQUARIUMS ASSOCIATION (SEAZA).